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Be a Voice Channel | Awakening Voices Network

The Be a Voice channel is all about documenting Awakening Voices viewers organizing around issues important to you, the actions being initiated by you and the affect your actions are having on the lives of the people within your communities.

As filmmakers, we understand movies are meant to be enjoyed - but how can we truly make a difference in our communities if we only focus on entertainment?  At Awakening Voices, we explore the answer within our Be a Voice channel—an inspiring alternative to the negative and dysfunctional programming of today.

What Does It Mean to Be a Voice?

I think we all know.  It's making a difference.  It's letting OUR voice be heard.  We strive to explain the Be a Voice concept through:

  • Your videos documenting your efforts as social change agents.  If you're making a difference, we want to know.  Go here to submit your video.
  • An interactive, Be a Voice forum for viewers to exchange ideas on how to make lasting change, keep abreast of each other’s projects and offer support
  • "How To" programs on community engagement

In answering the question “What does it mean to Be a Voice?” we hope to motivate individuals to become active in helping build their own communities, which in turn helps build community engagement on a global level.

Please enjoy and visit our other programming channels!