Our Mission

Mission: Inspire Viewers While Helping the Community – Awakening Voices

Awakening Voices’ mission is primarily twofold:

  1. To do our part in shifting how we view entertainment by providing quality, non-violent, thought-provoking programming as an alternative to the violence, negativity and dysfunction in today's media.
  2. To promote social action through community building opportunities in an effort to do our part in supporting a global shift in attitude and awareness away from all the violence and negativity. In essence, helping the community become a better place to live.

How Does Inspirational Programming Support a Global Shift in Attitude and Awareness?

George Leonard’s book on mastery argues that traditional value-givers such as family, elders or religion, are no longer defining society's values. They have been replaced by the Media: films, television, advertising, news, Internet, video games.

The question begging to be answered is what values does Media give or define? One only needs to read the headlines, listen to the news, scan the TV listing, sit through 10 minutes of movie previews or ask any child about his/her favorite video game to realize the extent of the Media’s obsession with violence, negativity and dysfunction.

What if we, as a society, not only focused on the good but promoted it more vigorously in all forms of media? The more it was promoted, the more people would be aware of it; the more people are aware of it, the more people would promote it. We would begin to exponentially transform our world.

This is our mission - to provide an online network of positive, non-violent, programming that features stories of lives and communities being transformed.

Awakening Voices Will Do Its Part in Making a Difference 

As a not-for-profit, we will NEVER have multi-million dollar salaries, bonuses or stock options. 

The plan is, after all salaries, expenses and development reserves have been satisfied, surplus revenue will be redistributed back into the communities.  Awakening Voices’ viewers in each region will vote to determine which charitable organizations within their communities will receive the funding. We will produce programming to document the work these viewers and organizations are doing within their communities with the funding they have received.

The circle is now complete. We start with Media where we move to expand attitudes and awareness. Now “ordinary” people, with their powerful stories, are creating change within their own communities and within the global community, as well—all documented by the Awakening Voices Online Entertainment Network.

Of course, it's not going to happen overnight.  This is something we will grow into.   Nonetheless, it is our vision—creating a global community not only standing for global awareness but creating it.

If you are interested in supporting Awakening Voices in our mission to inspire people while helping the community,
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