Film Production Funding With Awakening Voices

Awakening Voices is here to help!

We are actively working to enroll individuals & organizations who align with our mission to be part of our funding group. Members review our fiscal sponsorship films/projects for grant consideration.

Additionally, with the Awakening Voices Fiscal Sponsorship Program, grantees are able to apply for grants from not-for-profit organizations and government agencies.

Film Funding & Exhibition With Awakening Voices

Awakening Voices is curated site for quality programming.  We offer two primary opportunities to filmmakers/content producers:

  1. Apply for fiscal sponsorship.
  2. Submit a completed film, documentary or program for exhibition consideration on the Awakening Voices Network.

Is The Present Investor-Based Funding Model Broken?

According to independent film financing reports, between 95-97% of independent films do not generate revenue sufficient to pay back the initial investment much less provide a return on that investment.

As filmmakers ourselves, we understand the challenges filmmakers face. It's a hard-sell to convince investors there's a realistic chance of receiving a return on their investment when most sophisticated investors are well aware of the percentage of failed independent films.

Alternatives to a Broken Film Funding Model

As a 501(c)3, public charity, Awakening Voices can offer a fiscal sponsorship program in which individuals, along with grant-giving organizations, can submit a sponsorship grant to Awakening Voices for use on your film/project.  Instead of attempting to convince investors you have a sound investment, you shift to a sponsorship model which presents a benefits-first opportunity four ways:

  1. Offering an upfront tax deduction (which is what investors of failed film projects receive anyway)
  2. Supporting filmmakers and the arts
  3. Providing a first-hand film experience
  4. Supporting an organization whose mission is shifting media away from violence, negativity & dysfunction through quality, thought provoking, non-violent programming and community building opportunities

Most sponsors make tax deductible grants supporting the arts. By shifting from an investment to a sponsorship opportunity, one overcomes the skepticism of seeing a film as a viable investment. The primary unknown "What am I going to receive for my investment?" is taken out of the equation.

In short, sponsors lock-in a nice tax deduction. They get the benefit of promoting the arts, and they get to participate in making a film WITHOUT any concern that its a bad investment.

The challenge then becomes convincing sponsors that your film/project is worthy of their grant.  Not necessarily easy, but easier than convincing an investor you have a sound investment.

'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.' ~Albert Einstein