What is Influencing Our Thinking?

In his book on Mastery, George Leonard argues it’s no longer the traditional value-givers such as the family, elders or religion that influences our thinking - it’s the media. This is a sobering thought when one considers the media’s obsession with violence, negativity and dysfunction. This triad permeates all aspects of the media such as films, television, news, talk radio, music, and video games.

Programming Overview – Movies Online for Free!

Awakening Voices provides POSITIVE, NON-VIOLENT programming and supports social action through community building opportunities.

Scary when one considers the media's obsession with violence.

 Awakening Voices features quality programming that inspires, motivates and leaves you feeling empowered and entertained!

Awakening Voices - Your Online Entertainment Network  

If you are looking to watch videos online that entertain while delivering a positive message, we invite you to browse our four channels of free online, video programming:

Community Building/Community Action Channel

Movies Channel: The idea behind our Movies channel is to marry the power of quality films with entertaining, thought-provoking, and non-violent subject matter.

Movies & Episodic Series

Ordinary Heroes Channel: Our Ordinary Heroes channel is where our social action begins.  It elevates viewer experience with stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things through the grassroots organizations they've helped to create.  You won't just nod in agreement.  You're immediately tapped into a social media platform where you can support these organizations with the click of a button.

Silent Heroes Channel

 Be a Voice channel: The Be a Voice channel will accomplish two goals:

  • Provide a dedicated channel showcasing viewer submitted videos documenting their efforts as social change agents--identifying a particular issue, the actions being initiated and the effects those actions are having.
  • Examine what social action and community building are and their importance to not only our communities and our society as a whole, but to the individual as well.
Youth Channel

Youth Channel: Our Youth channel features professionally produced, non-violent programming for youth of all ages.  We feature a second channel, the Youth Out of the Box channel, a dedicated channel featuring only programming produced by young people focusing on issues important to them.  We offer a social media forum where young people from around the globe can connect, share ideas and produce non-aggressive content and community service projects.

Awakening Voices offers you free online movies that encourage and inspire with positive and entertaining messages.

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